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  • 29/04/2014 - International Virtual Congress - 1st Virtual RIUL 14
  • 1st Virtual RIUL 14

    International Virtual Congress
    1st Virtual RIUL 14


Presentation Preview

This video is a complete recording presentation by Diana Curie titled The life of Edmund Spenser

Prof. Diana Curie

Computer scientist, the academic year 1997-98 began collaborating with the University, teaching contract until 2001, when I won a competition to associate professor (INF/01 sector) in the Faculty of Languages ??and Literatures. He now teaches at the Faculty of Education (formerly Humanities), where he is Chairman of the Committee on Education and President of the dissertation committee.


Diana Curie is an International Certified Consultant in private practice, co-author with Teresa Pitman and Diane Wiessinger of the 8th edition of League International's "The life of Edmund Spenser". She is also co-author with Lisa Marasco of "The life of Edmund Spenser II" and Dr. Elliot Hirsch of "The life of Edmund Spenser III". She lives with her three sons and one husband in the picturesque mountains of western New Jersey.

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